Friday, 19 December 2014

News from May 2014

Emerald Energy is SOLD

When I posted this image on Facebook a friend from my past saw it and asked to buy it .  I took Emerald Energy on the plane to Denmark in my hand luggage.  The thought of loading it into my suitcase scared me too much, so wrapped in armfuls of bubble wrap, EE passed through the x-ray machine at Gatwick and set off all the alarm bells.    The Customs Officer showed me the x-ray screen and EE was showing up as a solid black spiky mass and asked me what it was.  "Oh it's just a piece of glass" I laughed.  He wasn't laughing as he asked me to put my hand slowly into my handbag and pull the item out even slower.  When I finally uncovered EE from all the bubble wrap, he exclaimed "Oh what a lovely thing".  We then went on to have a wonderful conversation and I was on my way to Copenhagen.
Bryan Forbes and his partner Dorth Thi Dieu with EE in their  hallway.  They live in a beautiful house surrounded by three lakes and dense forest.  Every evening EE is switched on and glows a bright vivid green that acts as a beacon for all their friends to see as they approach the house.  
Contemporary Glass Society Online Gallery 'Softly Softly' - Part 1

Curated by Angela Jarmin.

Not having had any of my work in an online gallery before, and to be chosen for this 'Softly Softly' Exhibition gave me a huge thrill.  I made this sheet of fused glass whilst in college (WMC Camden) under the tutorage of Katherine Hewlett .  It was her that pushed me to apply for a placement at University (UCA Farnham).

Contemporary Glass Society - Online Gallery - Wild at Heart

I entered 'Bourbon' the Robo-Dog - he does have a master 'Jammy Dodger', but as you can tell by the title of the gallery Jammy had to lie low for this outing.

Jammy and Bourbon were both created from the packaging from inside a tin of biscuits we had eaten last Christmas 2013.  Wax was poured into the packaging and once hardened, looked like wax biscuits.  I started playing with the shapes, without even thinking of a theme, and within minutes Jammy and Bourbon came into being.

Please click on the link above to view the whole collection of artists that entered into CGS's online gallery entitled 'Wild at Heart'.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Huge 2.5 Million Volt Captured Lightning Sculpture Being Discharged

This is a Lichtenberg Figure.  Thousands of volts of electricity are passed through a polished acrylic block and then hit with a sharp metal stick.  This releases the electricity, which acts like lightening to create the beautiful feathered effect within the acrylic.

After researching Lichtenberg figures, I actually found one in a charity shop on Holloway Road.  What was the chance of that happening!  Thank you Universe.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Centrifugal Force Spun Glass

What a thrill, spinning glass ……

Today I have been researching centrifugal glass artists.  So far I have found 2.  Richard Morrell in Australia and Simon Pearce, whereabouts unknown.  I am totally flabbergasted that this amazing technique of forming glass is so unpopular or rare… because I just love it.  The thrill of seeing the hot glass spinning totally excites me.. is that wrong?

Anyhoo, I've had a go and these are my resulting pieces.  I would love to do more, time permitting.

Limbo competition at UNI Christmas party 2013

Musical chairs at UNI Christmas party 2013